Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Styles of Music

Vocal Coaching for Opera singers


  • Extend your range
  • Learn to project the voice
  • Smooth out vocal breaks, wobbles and cracks
  • Prepare for auditions and concerts
  • Deal with the passagio

Opera singing lessons

Opera singing is unique in the vocal world. Opera requires substantial levels of physical energy and involves projecting the voice to the back of a theatre over an orchestra without any amplification. Opera singers therefore have to undergo specific training  to ensure they can meet these demands. The style of singing used in Opera is called “Bel Canto” and this form of singing produces a full even tone and great flexibility in the voice.

Vocal coaching for Musical Theatre singers


  • Learn to Belt
  • Extend your range and power
  • Smooth out vocal breaks
  • Learn how to interpret text and act whilst singing
  • Prepare for auditions and gigs

Musical Theatre Singing Lessons

Unlike Opera which requires a Bel Canto technique throughout the performance, Musical Theatre Performers perform musical numbers in between speech, It is necessary to sing in a very direct and at times speechlike manner and the method which is established to portray this art form is called Belting. There is a specific technique to learning to Belt and to attempt to sing in Musical Theatre without having access to this technique can lead to considerable strain on the voice.

Vocal coaching for Jazz and Pop Singers


  • Extend your range
  • Get more volume and power
  • Smooth out any vocal breaks
  • Prepare for auditions and gigs
  • Exploring how to Scat
  • Exploring a more relaxed approach to working within written music

Singing Lessons for Jazz and Pop Singers

Traditionally, classically-based singing lessons are not appropriate for jazz, blues and spirituals. To learn to sing these genres you need to use the basis of a secure Bel Canto technique however you will need to adapt your voice to meet the requirements of the style.