Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Testimonials & Reviews


M Zakigyan

Deborah is a fantastic teacher. She helped me improve not only my vocal technique and ability but also my confidence both in my voice and myself. Her lessons are informative, effective and enjoyable.

J Pert

I have been with Deborah Aloba for just over a year and am delighted with the transformation. Her intuitive method of teaching has helped me to understand and meet the physical and emotional demands of singing, while establishing a reliable core technique. Most highly recommended.

Sam Sheedy

My daughter is started singing with Deborah just over 6 months ago. She has been singing since the age of 5 years but her previous teacher was quite strict and she was not enjoying music anymore. The change in her voice production, her attitude towards music, her joy for singing has been phenomenal. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s the same daughter that’s singing! Deborah is a truly caring and friendly teacher. She changes her style to suit the child. This in my opinion is a s…ign of a gifted teacher. She makes the lessons fun and creative and does not mind having me sit in- again a sign of a confident teacher. She calls my daughter to check after a concert to see how she did. She does not count the clock when she teaches. She is simply wonderful!!! My mum who is a professional singer is going to have lessons with having seen the change in my daughter! You must try Deborah to see for yourself!



V Sampson

Singing lessons with Deborah are a pure joy and more than just a singing lesson.

She puts her all into each lesson, you see her passion to bring out my full potential – personalizing her approach to my needs to ensure I understand and can apply techniques. No question is ever too much.

She works you hard but I have the most fun and laughter in that one hour than I have all week and the best thing of all I see incredible results.

Her passion makes me go beyond what I think is possible and I have found myself achieving my “impossibles” effortlessly.

What more can I ask for?

John Lanigan-O'Keeffe BA, Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary)

As a classroom and supply teacher with over twenty-four years experience in two countries, and as a singing student taught by several distinguished names over forty years I feel I can comment on Deborah Aloba’s teaching style.

Not only have I been her student but I have also observed her teaching other students. I have sung with others of her students over several years and have noticed their improvement and development.

Deborah produces results quickly and has made me achieve sounds of which I thought I was incapable. I feel that this is owed as much to her personality as it is to her grasp of technique.

She is always warm and caring, valuable qualities when preparing a student to sing. This reduces tension and inhibition in the student, enabling them to focus and not be distracted by nerves.

Her students get value for their pounds because she makes efficient use of time, believing in focus at all times.

At first her exercises appeared radical to me but have subsequently found them invaluable in placing and settling the voice before singing in rehearsal or performance. Correct breathing, stance, and the physical production of sound are the foundation of her technique.

Her knowledge of the repertoire is wide, enabling her to choose songs and arias suitable for a particular singer. She definitely understands poetry and dramatic situations, communicating these insights to her students. Her knowledge of pronunciation in other languages, particulary in Italian and German, is sufficient to communicate the import of the original words for most songs and arias.

I recommend her as a singing teacher.


Your Solo Performance at the Tree Planting Ceremony was remarkable. The standing ovation you received was strong proof of that.”

Section of Letter from Waltham Forest

Deborah Aloba is engaging and has the ability to portray emotions well and has eyes that  can tell a billion stories with one glance.”

(V.S.) 2015 

The individual singers were good and I would single out Ramphis, Amneris – and the Priestess (small part) for particular praise not only for their singing but also their acting.”



The Witch, played by Deborah Aloba, was strongly sung and well acted with great attention to detail. The strange, rapid back and forth movement of her eyes during her first entrance caught the audience’s attention to great effect.”

Opera Talent

The Singing, as expected was the high point of this production. The vocal performances both from the principals – especially Carmen Don Jose and Escamillo – and the chorus were of a high standard and conveyed the drama of the opera admirably.”


I am writing to thank you for your perfomance with the London Symphony Orchestra over the Jubilee Weekend. The celebrations attracted around 40,000 visitors to the park and we have received many complimentary comments about your performance .”

Performance at Prom Jubilee for London Borough of Newham