Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Deborah Aloba - Singing Teacher

Singing lessons for children

Learning to sing when you are a csinghild can be wonderful experience. Children love to sing, my niece and nephew are always singing around the house. I love the confidence they sing with and believe it is important to nurture their talent.

My singing lessons for children and small groups of children are designed to teach children the skills they need to strengthen and control their voices, in a fun and supportive way. Your children’s voices are still developing as they grow through their teenage years so it is very important to make sure that they are taught suitable exercises which are specifically designed for their voices. My singing lessons are combined with ‘song practice” so that children can apply the vocal techniques they learn into the songs they sing.

Learning all of the ways that a voice can be well maintained is possible for children. Young voices benefit greatly from a gradual strengthening process, and an awareness of how the voice works and how to best use it for singing. Young voices need to be nourished and guided in a way that is not forceful and will not cause damage to developing voices.

There is nothing like children exploring the joy, adventure and excitement of music but their voices need to be nourished and guided with gentle techniques that develop and strengthen their voices in a way that is not forceful.

I believe in making my lessons a positive learning environment. If children want to take exams they can but if they don’t want to I can still assist them to progress through the various levels so that they have a benchmark for their own progress.

With regular practice, their voice begins to open and strengthen. Children become aware of how it feels to sing in a controlled way. Learning to sing at a young age has many remarkable benefits, to include increasing children’s confidence and their ability to perform and speak in public.
I also work with children with special needs.